call recording solution for telephony using SIP signalling

Description / Features

The EyeSDN SIP is a virtual call recording device for voice over IP telephony with SIP signalling (session initiation protocol). The solution allows to operate SIP recorders in parallel with recorders for analogue or ISDN phone lines. So users can easily migrate to packet switched telephony using the same call recorder as for classical phone lines.

EyeSDN SIP is a software only solution. The digital data packets are captured by a network card of a PC running the EyeSDN software. A license file is used to create a virtual device that has been tied to the MAC address of the network interface card used to capture the packets. The number of recording channels can be in the range of 2 to 120 channels. Evaluation of the product is possible by using a time limited evaluation license file.

There are many different techniques to tap a local area network for packet capture. There are passive ethernet tap devices that physically connect to the ethernet cable. Another option is to use a monitoring port or a mirroring port of an ethernet switch. If the soft PBX is running on a PC, the EyeSDN SIP can be installed there as well, reading from the same network interface card as the soft PBX. Other options (broadcast media, hubbing out, PC-in-the-middle etc.) may be suitable depending on network conditions.


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Device Software

Capture Setup Options

passive ethernet tap

Connection Diagram EyeSDN SIP

switch with monitoring port

Connection Diagram EyeSDN SIP