innoventif Ltd.

has been founded in April 2004 after visiting CeBIT as an exhibitor to test the market acceptance of the EyeSDN USB-S0. The results from the fair looked promising and so the company was created. The development of the EyeSDN USB-S0 took place in 2003 and marked the start of the EyeSDN USB product line. The company is registered in England and Wales and has a subsidiary in Berlin, Germany. We are targeting the international market from our Berlin office.

Our main focus during product development are ease of use and simple installation to reach a wide range of customers. Since we are a small and flexible organisation we can quickly react to customer demands and implement a market-driven approach to product development.

In summer 2005 we added a product for primary rate interfaces, the EyeSDN USB-E1 - which is our most successful product so far. In the following years the call recording product line has been continously expanded. We added a product for analogue phone lines (EyeSDN USB-A2) and devices with multiple ports (EyeSDN USB-4S/4SBx and EyeSDN USB-A8/A8Bx).

Since customer installations continued to grow in channel count our old software (which we now call release 3) was increasingly becoming a bottle neck. With a new network-based architecture and after two years of development we were able to launch version 4.0 of the EyeSDN software in early 2010.

New technological challanges and customer wishes continue to drive our product development to increase the value that our solution offers to EyeSDN users.