Declaration of Compliance - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Directive)

According to the Act Governing the Sale, Return and Environmentally Sound Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, or ElektroG) of 16 March 2005 innoventif is registered as a producer of their EyeSDN USB products. The Registration Number is DE 86287401.

After the 24th of November 2005 the Registration Number from the Clearing House is displayed on our business stationary. The EyeSDN USB products will be labelled according to the act.

Return and Disposal

Devices of the EyeSDN USB family, which

  • are disabled for their original purpose or
  • will not used any more,

should be sent back to the producer innoventif Ltd. for recycling or environmentally friendly disposal.

If you have some questions about this subject please send an e-mail to:

info (at)

Unterschrift Thomas Gimpel
Thomas Gimpel
Geschäftsführer / Director innoventif Ltd.

WEEE Reg No DE-86287401.24.11.2005