If Something Doesn't Work ...

We are committed to customer satisfaction. If you have a technical problem with our hardware or software, then we will certainly find a solution for you. You can help to solve your problem as quickly as possible by carrying out following guidelines:


1. Study the Documentation


You can find the manual for our products on the provided CD or here.


Furthermore we compiled a set of frequently asked questions (FAQ). These are classified as:

Please, read these docoments carefully before taking further steps.

2. Check Your Installation


Check all cable connections to our devices. Don't forget to inspect your telephony wiring. In particular pay attention to sockets and plugs as well as to a correct ISDN bus termination.


Keep your software release on the latest. We regularly provide for download new versions of our software with improvements and bug fixes.

3. Contact the Support

If you could not find a solution by yourself, then contact either your local dealer or us by e-mail ().

Please, provide detailed information about:

  • the defect characteristics,
  • the serial number of your EyeSDN USB devices,
  • the used software version,
  • your PC hardware configuration,
  • the operating system (Windows version).