CTI based recording solutions

Some phone systems offer a computer telephony interface (CTI). Using this interface a computer can dial or hang-up calls for a specific extension. The software would typically be running on the desktop PC of the user of a phone extension that is to be controlled (assisted dialing). If the CTI interface and phone system allows conferencing, then users could press a button their PC to start call recording. In this case a new call the a recorder device would be dialed up and the connection to the call recorder would be placed in a conference with the call to be recorded. This allows full computer based control of the calls to be recorded.

Diagram: PBX based recording


  • Computer controlled recording with full information about caller and called party and even additional information like agent ID.
  • Both internal and external calls of all extensions could potentially be recorded.
  • Since call to recorder device is placed of the phone network, the recorder could be located elsewhere.


  • CTI enabled phone systems are more expensive or there is a separate licence for the CTI interface.
  • The CTI software needed to control the phone system causes additional license cost.
  • An external device to terminate the calls and perform the actual recording is needed in addition to the CTI integration.
  • Some phone systems have limits on the number of simultaneous conferences. This would limit the number of calls being recorded at the same time.