Other Things to consider...

A call recording system is more than just a phone tap. The ease of finding, playing and handling recorded calls is one point that distinguishes a good from a bad call recording software solution. Others are:

  • speed of call retrieval from a large number of recorded calls,
  • high storage capacity,
  • audio compression (use less disk space),
  • audio encryption (only intended parties can listen),
  • selectively recording only the local (agent) or only the remote party (customer),
  • to manually control which calls should be recorded,
  • delivery of call recordings to the call participants by e-mail,
  • automatic management of recordings (e.g. automatically deleting recordings that are older than the necessary storage time),
  • network wide operation (client-server software),
  • the ability to listen into life calls,
  • and finally the upgrade and license policy.
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Users should be aware that a call recording system can generate a lot of data and it is the responsibility of the implementor to create a strategy how to manage this data (Simply let the disk run full? Archive the data? Delete after a certain period?). The answer is application dependant.